18 March 2011

Musical Synthi

So I thought I'd start off with probably my favourite synth, the EMS Synthi A. This monophonic instrument was built all the way back in 1972 and is the oldest synth I own! I think the Synthi has earned a bit of a reputation for being mostly a source for crazy special effects, but you can also make it sound very musical depending on how you patch it. The Synthi has two CV ins so in this example I had oscillator one and oscillator two being modulated separately, there's only one gate in though so they're both being triggered at the same time. The Synthi was recorded with no additional effects, the small amount of reverb is from its own internal spring reverb (although there's a bit of additional reverb on the 808 that comes in about half way through).

The video quality is a bit grainy, but the audio is taken directly from Logic (except for a tiny bit at the start).

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  1. Fantastic! Do you have music to buy anywhere?