04 June 2011

Sad Chips Technique

This is the Klark Teknik DN-34 Analogue Time Processor. As its cool name suggests, it is a delay / flanger effects unit which uses sixteen SAD512D bucket brigade delay chips for its two delay sections, A and B. The two delay can be run in parallel or serial and you can pan between each delay (I'm not sure if pan is the right word actually as it's a mono device).

Its maximum delay time is pretty short at 53 milliseconds, you won't be getting any long echos out of this unit but you can get some really interesting flanging, short delay and weird reverb type sounds. Both delay lengths can be modulated by a built in LFO and you can also switch the phase of each delay which gives interesting results.

I think it sounds great and very different to any of the digital delays I've used. I've recorded a TR808 drum machine going directly into it, and messed about with its various settings for your listening pleasure, just watch out for a few sudden changes in volume levels:
 Klark Teknik DN-34 Analogue Time Processor by splitradix

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